GRS® Certification

15-01-2020 - Filtrading

Filtrading has received in 2020 the GRS certificaziont for raw white polyester, dyed, twisted and with elastomer.

New winding heads

27-11-2019 - Bosifil

Two months after their development, 160 Savio Pulsar winding heads have finally started operations.

Conditioning and warping system

14-05-2019 - Subbifil

The conditioning system started in Subbifil is controlled by a dedicated software that monitors environmental conditions in the warping division at every second, so to ensure uniform and controlled external conditions at any manufacturing process during the year.

FSC® Certification

02-04-2019 - Filtrading

Filtrading has been FSC certified for Rayon Viscose since 2019: do not hesitate to ask us for our Rayon Viscose FSC certified.

Automated integrated conditioning system

03-01-2019 - Bosifil

The automated integrated temperature and humidity control system is started in the bonding, twisting and winding divisions in Bosifil, so to ensure uniform and controlled external conditions at any manufacturing process during the year.

New generation conditioning systems

02-01-2019 - Subbifil

We cooperated with our trusted professionals to design and install a set of new generation conditioning systems encompassing all warping divisions that enables us to further reduce any machine performance difference due to temperature shocks.
Each system is connected to a network and managed by a dedicated server that allows you to quickly solve any possible fault.

Traceability Certificate

05-11-2018 - Bosiogroup

Bosifil and Subbifil have been issued the Certificate of Compliance with the Traceability System of the Italian Chamber of Commerce – Unionfiliere – Traceability & Fashion that acknowledges their reliable internal management system.

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

06-03-2018 - Subbifil

Subbifil has joined the BCI - Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit global organization that cooperates with several operators to support cotton farmers in changing their current cultivation practices to increase sustainability.

New winding machine for precision-wound cones with polypropylene control

30-10-2015 - Bosifil

Through the purchase of 64 Savio Polar winding heads, Bosifil could add to its existing equipment a winding machine for staple fibers to make precision-wound cones for cotton, polyester, viscose, micromodal, intimate blends and control foreign fibers, polypropylene and splicing on all types of fibers.

Oekotex Certificate

02-04-2004 - Bosifil

Bosifil is certified according to the Oekotex Standard 100 – Class 1.