It was 1988 when Subbifil launched its yarn production. The company was set up to meet the need of separating winding and twisting operations from warping and sizing. The newborn organization was readily able to ensure constant turnover growth and allow product diversification while maintaining high quality standards.

Since its establishment, the company has been at the forefront for its innovation strategy and innovation process model, and its ability to compete in the market and provide suitable solutions to an increasingly demanding and diverse customer target. In the last decade, Subbifil has committed to a significant investment plan to purchase the best equipment on the market and, in view of constant updating, it has launched a fruitful cooperation with major manufacturers of textile machines worldwide.

Today Subbifil is a successful organization and a leading producer of a wide range of yarns on the domestic market: discontinuous fibers of cotton, traditional polyester, flame resistant polyester, viscose, polyester-based intimate blends. The vast fleet of own vehicles and the solid partnership with specialized couriers enable Subbifil to ensure fast deliveries, including in 24 hours, for a wide range of order sizes from one to many beams.